What a year it has been!!

Over the last year, we have created an amazing community and it’s time to CELEBRATE!

We are better prepared when our community is better prepared, and so, the bigger our community the better prepared we are. The goal of this sweepstakes is to help grow our community so that more people can become better prepared and help their own communities.  We will begin accepting entries for the sweepstakes on 6/6/19 and will end the contest on 7/21/19, the day that I started my Preparedness Journey and the 1st Anniversary of Cascadia Dispatch’s launch. There will be 2 drawings, one on 7/1/19 and one on 7/22/19. If you enter before 6/30/19 at midnight PST you will be eligible for BOTH drawings.


S.O.L. Survival Medic Kit

This is my favorite little emergency kit, I have an article about it (https://www.cascadiadispatch.com/product-review-sol-survival-medic-kit/), I have a video about it (https://www.cascadiadispatch.com/video-pocket-sized-emergency-kit-sol-survival-medic-kit-product-review-prepping-for-non-preppers/), I love it and I think you will too.  This amazing kit will be the prize for the drawing on 7/1/19.

Adventure Medical Kit First Aid Kit 1.0

This is a great First Aid Kit with a few additional preparedness items included.  I just made a video that featured it and it is a solid little kit (https://www.cascadiadispatch.com/video-whats-in-a-first-aid-kit-adventure-medical-first-aid-kit-1-0-prepping-for-non-preppers/).  This First Aid Kit will be the prize for the final drawing on 7/22/19.

How to Enter

We now distribute our content over several different channels and we want to make sure that our community has access to as many of those channels as possible.

The Entry Form below has several of our communication channels listed. To receive an entry, simply click on the link and Subscribe, Like or Follow the channel, and then click “Yes” on the form. If you have already subscribed, click “Yes” on the form to receive an entry. It’s that easy. *Since each “Yes” is an entry, we will verify that the “Yes” is accurate by checking our Subscriber, Follower, and Member lists when we select the winners.

Bonus Entries

Joining a new community is always easier when you know someone who’s there. So, if you refer a friend to the sweepstakes, you’ll earn the same number of entries that they earn as bonus entries!

How Bonus Entries are Counted

When your friend finishes their Entry Form they will be asked if they were referred by a friend. They must provide your name (first and last) in order for you to get credit.

For each Friend that mentions you as their referrer, you will earn Bonus entries equal to the number of entries they earn. So if you refer 2 people, and one earns 1 entry and one gains 2 entries, you would receive 3 Bonus entries. You can only receive Bonus entries from the people you refer, you do not get Bonus entries from the people who are referred by your referrals.



To view the official sweepstakes rules click here.