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Start Your Preparedness Journey – Inventory Assessment PDF

We continue to be inspired by our community and the amazing feedback we receive.  Over the last few months we have heard from multiple members that they feel overwhelmed by the idea of “getting prepared” and don’t know where to start.  After hours of conversation, thought, and hard work, we are excited to offer a solution!


inventory assessmentOur Inventory Assessment is our first, in what we plan to be a series of downloads, tools, and services to help guide people through their Preparedness Journey.  We designed this worksheet to be easy to use, easy to read, and easy to understand.  This is meant to help you and your family establish a baseline, “where are we right now?”

Start Your Preparedness Journey Here

The front side of the worksheet walks you through a series of questions that will help you frame the size and scope of your Preparedness Journey.  Any project will seem too big and overwhelming if if doesn’t have some sort of guidelines or constraints.  Writing these down will help put you into the right mindset to tackle the second page.

Inventory Assessment

inventory assessment pdfThe back side is our Inventory Assessment worksheet.  We have created a table with supply categories and two methods of prioritization: P.A.C.E. and time.  The categories are intentionally broad to give you space for interpretation.  They don’t say, for example, “how many tents do you have?” or “how many solar, rechargeable flashlights do you have?’ – instead, they say “shelter” or “light”.  We have provided some examples to serve as thought starters to clarify the types items that should go in each category.

  • This is not a “must have” list or a “bug out bag checklist”
  • This is an inventory of what you have right now

What Do I Do When I’m Done

When you’ve completed the Inventory Assessment, you should be able to look and visually see the areas where you may be missing items, or don’t have a 2nd or 3rd option.  This is EXACTLY what you want to uncover.  You want to find the areas that need strengthening so you can start to work on a plan to build them up.

You can’t start a journey unless you know where you are and where you’re going.  This worksheet will help clarify your vision so you and your family can begin your Preparedness Journey from a solid launching point.

To get your copy, click here!

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Author: Casey Feves

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