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VIDEO: EDC Water Filters and Plans – Prepping for Non-Preppers #BetterPrepared

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EDC Water Filters and Plans – Prepping for Non-Preppers #BetterPrepared

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NEW VIDEO: You know you need fresh, clean drinking water to survive a disaster, but you don’t know how to get it? Well, you’re in luck! Check out our NEW video to see how I tackle this!

Water is one of the keys to survival. You can only live 3 days without it. What happens if you’re away from home and a disaster strikes? What happens if you need to leave your home after a disaster strikes? What happens if you get a flat tire on the freeway and you get thirsty? This video showcases some products and strategies that can help you in all of these scenarios.

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00:00:00.060 --> 00:00:04.589
are you curious about ideas for water
purification water filtration what are
00:00:04.589 --> 00:00:09.179
you gonna drink while you're evacuating
or trying to get home from your office
00:00:09.179 --> 00:00:17.880
or business we got some ideas stay tuned
and we'll go through them hey everybody
00:00:17.880 --> 00:00:21.779
welcome to cascadia dispatch i'm
casey and today we're gonna talk about
00:00:21.779 --> 00:00:26.340
some water options water filtration
options we're not going to talk about
00:00:26.340 --> 00:00:33.960
big home kind of water caches or water
systems it's for off another topic where
00:00:33.960 --> 00:00:38.190
we're talking about multiple gallons of
water and storing stuff and it's just
00:00:38.190 --> 00:00:41.579
not something we're tackle today well we
are gonna take a look at is what you
00:00:41.579 --> 00:00:44.940
might want to have in your car which you
might want to have in a laptop bag which
00:00:44.940 --> 00:00:48.480
you might want to have it if I got bag
or a go home bag or a get home bag or
00:00:48.480 --> 00:00:53.670
72-hour bag or any of the other bank
bags that people talk about where you
00:00:53.670 --> 00:00:59.760
are looking to leave your home or leave
a large structure and go somewhere else
00:00:59.760 --> 00:01:04.080
and while you're traveling you want to
have some some clean water okay so why
00:01:04.080 --> 00:01:07.920
do we want to filter our water well in
an emergency in a disaster you're not
00:01:07.920 --> 00:01:11.280
going to have the wonderful drinking
water that you have out of the tap that
00:01:11.280 --> 00:01:17.159
you can normally drink you may be using
water sources like lakes or ponds or you
00:01:17.159 --> 00:01:21.600
may be using pipes but those pipes may
be broken somewhere down the the track
00:01:21.600 --> 00:01:24.240
and you don't know it and so you have
contaminants in it
00:01:24.240 --> 00:01:29.579
so at a first level you likely will want
to be boiling water if you can that's
00:01:29.579 --> 00:01:33.090
one of the best ways to make sure that
you kill any bacteria or viruses or
00:01:33.090 --> 00:01:37.920
anything that are in it but you may not
have the opportunity to boil you may be
00:01:37.920 --> 00:01:41.640
on the go and you don't have time to
start a fire so here are some some
00:01:41.640 --> 00:01:46.770
options that you can use that will be
effective that will keep you safe or at
00:01:46.770 --> 00:01:52.619
least as safe as possible while you're
you're moving from place to place so the
00:01:52.619 --> 00:01:57.360
first thing is what we looked at last
week with a ready-made emergency kit and
00:01:57.360 --> 00:02:04.680
it had five of these 125 milliliter
pouches of water you would use this as
00:02:04.680 --> 00:02:10.509
probably your your drinking water
and then there were some aqua times and
00:02:10.509 --> 00:02:14.410
these are tablets that have some
chemicals in it you put it in two quarts
00:02:14.410 --> 00:02:20.170
of water and it gets rid of all the yuck
in it and makes it ready to drink or at
00:02:20.170 --> 00:02:26.470
least potable so that it won't make you
extremely sick the problem was they gave
00:02:26.470 --> 00:02:31.360
you tablets to make two quarts of water
and they gave you a cup that is not two
00:02:31.360 --> 00:02:35.230
points bigger so you would still need
some container or something to make the
00:02:35.230 --> 00:02:40.900
water in and that just means you be
they're gonna put it in the kids to
00:02:40.900 --> 00:02:44.950
begin with or you gotta find somewhere
to do that all right so what do I have
00:02:44.950 --> 00:02:49.690
in my kit what do I use what I've found
so the first thing that I have my first
00:02:49.690 --> 00:02:56.440
kind of line of water defense are water
bottles we have these in all the cars we
00:02:56.440 --> 00:03:01.810
have them at home we take them with us
when we go places a plastic water bottle
00:03:01.810 --> 00:03:05.950
obviously you want to recycle them
because it's not good for the planet to
00:03:05.950 --> 00:03:11.260
have just tons of plastic water bottles
everywhere and the points to mylar pouch
00:03:11.260 --> 00:03:15.519
which is just going to get thrown away
you can at least recycle these to some
00:03:15.519 --> 00:03:22.540
extent but we use those we use them when
roundabout for obviously if it was a big
00:03:22.540 --> 00:03:25.510
emergency we would have them but also
for smaller emergencies we have a flat
00:03:25.510 --> 00:03:28.600
tire on the side of the road and
somebody wants to drink of water it's
00:03:28.600 --> 00:03:35.230
really hot and we are at a baseball game
and we don't have a drink for the kids
00:03:35.230 --> 00:03:39.790
or something we've got water bottles
they're just really handy to have and we
00:03:39.790 --> 00:03:46.600
keep them as many places as we can
because water is super important a
00:03:46.600 --> 00:03:50.109
couple things you want to remember about
water bottles are you want to be able to
00:03:50.109 --> 00:03:54.040
cycle through them you don't want a
water bottle that's just sitting for a
00:03:54.040 --> 00:03:58.930
year or two years we try to cycle
through them every three to six months
00:03:58.930 --> 00:04:03.160
if we can to make sure that the there's
no chemicals from the plastic are
00:04:03.160 --> 00:04:06.340
getting into the water and the integrity
of the plastic is holding up so it's not
00:04:06.340 --> 00:04:09.400
going to crack when we store them in our
00:04:09.400 --> 00:04:13.810
I usually store them in a side pocket so
in case they leak the leak is somewhat
00:04:13.810 --> 00:04:18.669
contained to that pocket in the outside
of the bag as opposed to keeping it in
00:04:18.669 --> 00:04:22.840
the main pocket where it
get in and ruin all of the other
00:04:22.840 --> 00:04:29.500
equipment that's that all right so the
next option our lifestyles life drawers
00:04:29.500 --> 00:04:33.849
are these wonderful inventions that
someone came up with that allow you to
00:04:33.849 --> 00:04:38.530
basically put a big blue straw and a
lake and drink out of it they're really
00:04:38.530 --> 00:04:44.560
handy they're really cool
they will filter 200 or 300 gallons of
00:04:44.560 --> 00:04:48.220
water not that you're going to need that
amount of water but just to give you an
00:04:48.220 --> 00:04:54.550
idea of how durable these are and the
quality of the filter what's great about
00:04:54.550 --> 00:04:58.509
it is you can just basically use them
anywhere the problem is is that you
00:04:58.509 --> 00:05:01.720
can't really use them anywhere because
you have to have something to put them
00:05:01.720 --> 00:05:08.440
in to drink out of so you would need a
cup to to drink out of or you would need
00:05:08.440 --> 00:05:13.900
a bowl or you would need a like they do
make water bottles that actually have a
00:05:13.900 --> 00:05:18.190
life straw included in them that you
could use every day if you wanted to
00:05:18.190 --> 00:05:22.120
this is the problem with that is you
either if you're having an emergency you
00:05:22.120 --> 00:05:25.690
need to make sure you have there were
life straw water bottle with you or if
00:05:25.690 --> 00:05:29.889
you're using it day to day then you're
using the LifeStraw filter for daily use
00:05:29.889 --> 00:05:34.960
when you don't need it for an emergency
so while it's somewhat clever of an idea
00:05:34.960 --> 00:05:38.979
to try to make it more useful I actually
feel like you're then using it for the
00:05:38.979 --> 00:05:43.270
wrong purposes and you're gonna wear up
a filter wear out the or you're not
00:05:43.270 --> 00:05:46.389
gonna have it where you need it I feel
like if you're gonna have a life straw
00:05:46.389 --> 00:05:50.259
have a life straw and keep it in your
bag because it's really designed for an
00:05:50.259 --> 00:05:57.610
emergency all right so my favorite
filter then is this Sawyer mini filter
00:05:57.610 --> 00:06:00.250
these are wonderful for a couple of
different reasons
00:06:00.250 --> 00:06:06.190
a life straw will do to 300 gallons of
water whereas the sawyer will do a few thousand
00:06:06.190 --> 00:06:13.120
gallons of water so the LifeStraw
obviously is about twice the size of the
00:06:13.120 --> 00:06:16.539
sawyer mini so it's gonna fit in your
bag better it's gonna take up less space
00:06:16.539 --> 00:06:22.960
I actually keep these in my laptop bag
and bug out and go home bags and are
00:06:22.960 --> 00:06:28.810
kind of you know just any EDC hey we're
out and about we want to have a small
00:06:28.810 --> 00:06:35.260
kit I always keep one of these in there
just in case what's what's great about
00:06:35.260 --> 00:06:41.440
them too is you can depending on the
threads you can attach it directly to a
00:06:41.440 --> 00:06:45.550
water bottle some of the threads like
this water bottle has thinner threads so
00:06:45.550 --> 00:06:49.840
you can't screw it on
exactly but you could get it on and you
00:06:49.840 --> 00:06:54.220
could use it and squeeze it and filter
the water with this which means you
00:06:54.220 --> 00:06:59.800
could use these as a container to pick
up water it does however come with this
00:06:59.800 --> 00:07:04.090
really cool
squeezy pouch and so you take this you
00:07:04.090 --> 00:07:10.479
put it on the squeezy pouch and now
instead of having to find two quarts of
00:07:10.479 --> 00:07:16.389
water and manage all of that and figure
out what you're going to do I can put
00:07:16.389 --> 00:07:21.970
this on the Slayer on the squeezable
pouch and I can fill this with exactly
00:07:21.970 --> 00:07:26.590
the amount of water that I need it's
designed to be squeezed it's designed to
00:07:26.590 --> 00:07:32.440
do that so now the container that I need
to have water or the amount of water
00:07:32.440 --> 00:07:39.220
that I need is not restricted to any
sort of a ratio of tablet chemicals to
00:07:39.220 --> 00:07:44.680
water or size of container that I have
to take with me this really just is how
00:07:44.680 --> 00:07:49.720
much water do I want to have and how
much do I want to put in here in theory
00:07:49.720 --> 00:07:54.460
you could actually fill your water
bottle with gross water get to where
00:07:54.460 --> 00:07:58.690
you're going to fill this with gross
water and now you have twice as much
00:07:58.690 --> 00:08:02.770
water that you can filter with things
that you already had with you as opposed
00:08:02.770 --> 00:08:07.930
to needing something separate and extra
all right everybody that's gonna wrap it
00:08:07.930 --> 00:08:13.990
up for us talking about water filtration
today as I've said many times in blog
00:08:13.990 --> 00:08:19.030
posts that everybody's plan is different
this is my plan this is what I've come
00:08:19.030 --> 00:08:23.500
to on my journey so far as I say it's a
journey it's not a destination it's not
00:08:23.500 --> 00:08:28.539
on yeah I'm done it's a preparedness
journey and my plan will evolve your
00:08:28.539 --> 00:08:32.469
plan will evolve if you have other ideas
please leave them in the comments below
00:08:32.469 --> 00:08:36.820
we'd love to hear about it we'd love you
to share it with the community the more
00:08:36.820 --> 00:08:40.690
information that we can share with
everybody the better please go ahead and
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like subscribe
a button smashed the notification Bell I
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don't know do all the things so you'll
know when our next videos come out we'd
00:08:49.420 --> 00:08:56.410
love to have you watch and enjoy them
and give us feedback and until next week
00:08:56.410 --> 00:09:00.610
I think we are gonna do these now maybe
once a week it seems like that's a good
00:09:00.610 --> 00:09:03.940
idea so I think we're gonna try and do
that so hopefully we'll see you back
00:09:03.940 --> 00:09:09.900
next week on the next edition of Cascadia
dispatch thanks a lot

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