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VIDEO: How to Start Prepping on a Budget | Top 5 Tips | Prepping for Non-Preppers #BetterPrepared

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How to Start Prepping on a Budget | Top 5 Tips | Prepping for Non-Preppers BetterPrepared

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Starting your #PreparednessJourney can be overwhelming especially when you feel like you have to spend a ton of money to do it. Well, you don’t! In this video, I share tips and strategies that show how to start preparing for a disaster or emergency without spending thousands of dollars to do it. I cover Food, Water, Tools and Gear, and my 2 favorite freebies.


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are you ready to get prepared but don't
want to break the bank to do it well I
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have some tips and some ideas I can help
you get prepared for a disaster without
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spending thousands of thousands of
dollars and save you some money in the
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process so stay tuned and we'll go
through hey everybody welcome to
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Cascadia dispatch today I'm Casey and
today we're gonna talk about how to
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start getting prepared on a budget you
may see lots and lots of videos and ads
00:00:28.109 --> 00:00:32.430
and things for all the crazy gear and
all of the things that are new and shiny
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and wonderful and cost thousands dollars
and think to yourself how am I gonna get
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prepared for myself and my family and my
community without having some just
00:00:41.430 --> 00:00:45.960
extreme budget to do it well there are
lots of ways to get started and and you
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can grow from there you don't have to
have the newest and the latest on the
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greatest to be safe and secure for your
family so today I'm gonna go through a
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few tips ways to kind of get started on
a budget without breaking the bank to do
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it and then obviously you know you can
spend as much money as you want to but
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these are some ways to get started
without spending thousands of thousands
00:01:10.500 --> 00:01:15.960
of dollars to do it so the first way to
start getting prepared without spending
00:01:15.960 --> 00:01:20.460
a ton of money is doing a couple of
things that are really free they don't
00:01:20.460 --> 00:01:26.159
cost any money the first one is planning
planning is super important if you don't
00:01:26.159 --> 00:01:30.509
have a plan you don't know what you need
so the first thing you can do is start
00:01:30.509 --> 00:01:34.110
planning what are your emergency plans
what are your communication plans what
00:01:34.110 --> 00:01:37.979
is your but again plan what's your
bug-out plan what do you do for your
00:01:37.979 --> 00:01:42.000
kids when they're at school by putting
all these plans together what are you
00:01:42.000 --> 00:01:45.930
preparing for who are you preparing for
we have videos on some of those there's
00:01:45.930 --> 00:01:50.610
gonna be more videos coming by kind of
going through those stuffs and figuring
00:01:50.610 --> 00:01:55.079
out actually what you want to do and
what your what your plan is you can plan
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and plan and plan for free and the
better your plans are the more you're
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going to know about
actually what you need to buy which
00:02:01.670 --> 00:02:04.990
you're going to need to spend money on
or what you're going to need to acquire
00:02:04.990 --> 00:02:08.539
versus if you're just running around
feeling like you got to buy a bunch of
00:02:08.539 --> 00:02:13.130
stuff when I started out I felt like I
just had to buy a bunch of stuff so I
00:02:13.130 --> 00:02:16.520
kind of ran out and we kind of went to
Cabela's and bought a bunch of stuff
00:02:16.520 --> 00:02:20.420
just because that's what I thought we
needed and then over time I was able to
00:02:20.420 --> 00:02:24.470
learn more and plan more and we were
able to refine down our supplies and our
00:02:24.470 --> 00:02:29.180
gear and what we do and how we do it
which I didn't do upfront so the first
00:02:29.180 --> 00:02:33.080
thing you can do is plan the second
thing which kind of comes off of
00:02:33.080 --> 00:02:38.150
planning a little bit is learning skills
and learning especially with YouTube and
00:02:38.150 --> 00:02:44.209
the internet and thing you can learn so
many things about being prepared online
00:02:44.209 --> 00:02:49.519
or at a library that are free and skills
and learning are going to be invaluable
00:02:49.519 --> 00:02:55.400
in any sort of disaster it's great to
have some gear that will you know make a
00:02:55.400 --> 00:02:59.870
tent for you but if you know how to make
a tent out of the supplies that you have
00:02:59.870 --> 00:03:05.180
by learning the skills of shelter making
or fire starting or any of those sorts
00:03:05.180 --> 00:03:09.799
of things you're gonna be way better off
than if you're relying on your gear
00:03:09.799 --> 00:03:15.260
especially if you've never used your
gear which is a whole nother thing I but
00:03:15.260 --> 00:03:19.400
by learning all of these other skills by
learning about gardening by learning
00:03:19.400 --> 00:03:25.220
about emergency planning you're gonna be
way better off and it doesn't cost you
00:03:25.220 --> 00:03:30.410
anything it just costs your time so you
can do it at night you can do it during
00:03:30.410 --> 00:03:34.790
the day you can do it whenever you have
a free time I have podcasts on my phone
00:03:34.790 --> 00:03:39.140
I have websites and YouTube channels
that I watch and whenever I have time
00:03:39.140 --> 00:03:44.720
I'm always on watching listening trying
to learn more and more things that then
00:03:44.720 --> 00:03:50.690
I can either give to you guys or use for
myself so the second thing that you can
00:03:50.690 --> 00:03:53.870
do on a budget is learning okay now
we're going to start getting into some
00:03:53.870 --> 00:03:57.440
of the things you actually do probably
have to buy or at least spend some money
00:03:57.440 --> 00:04:04.250
on so the third thing is food food can
be incredibly expensive you're getting a
00:04:04.250 --> 00:04:09.260
freeze dryer or you're buying in tons
and tons of freeze-dried food
00:04:09.260 --> 00:04:14.569
period food or something like that
that's obviously a major investment you
00:04:14.569 --> 00:04:18.949
can start very small go to the grocery
store today and just buy a few cans of
00:04:18.949 --> 00:04:23.780
canned food you can buy like a chili
something with some protein and some
00:04:23.780 --> 00:04:27.530
some you know vegetables in it like a
beef soup or something like that that's
00:04:27.530 --> 00:04:34.580
ready to eat most canned soup around our
area you can find a store brand that's
00:04:34.580 --> 00:04:40.610
maybe 99 cents a can or 89 cents a can
of something like that you can watch
00:04:40.610 --> 00:04:46.699
sales to find when when food goes on
sale and buy it that way for us we tend
00:04:46.699 --> 00:04:52.789
to buy the food that we eat regularly
when it's on sale in larger quantities
00:04:52.789 --> 00:04:58.699
so when something that our family eats a
lot of goes on sale we'll maybe buy in
00:04:58.699 --> 00:05:03.440
bulk we'll buy a case or two cases so we
lock in the lower price but then we
00:05:03.440 --> 00:05:07.850
rotate it through so instead of having
one meals worth of macaroni and cheese
00:05:07.850 --> 00:05:11.810
maybe we will have three months of
macaroni and cheese and we'll eat
00:05:11.810 --> 00:05:15.260
through it and we'll replenish it and
that's kind of a that's going to be
00:05:15.260 --> 00:05:18.910
another video on kind of the idea of a
proper pantry which is really just
00:05:18.910 --> 00:05:24.979
rotationally rotating rotating the food
and buying in bulk is really the
00:05:24.979 --> 00:05:28.610
strategy there and that's what we do
with a lot of it but if you're just
00:05:28.610 --> 00:05:33.320
starting out you're looking to start a
72-hour kit or a two-week kit every time
00:05:33.320 --> 00:05:36.560
you go to the grocery store just buy an
extra can of food buy an extra can of
00:05:36.560 --> 00:05:40.490
chili buy an extra can of soup and this
just start putting it away get a flavor
00:05:40.490 --> 00:05:44.750
that you like because you don't want to
eat food in an emergency that you really
00:05:44.750 --> 00:05:49.970
don't like if you don't have to 89 cents
for the can of soup that you like versus
00:05:49.970 --> 00:05:53.360
89 cents for the can of soup you don't
like it's the same amount of money you
00:05:53.360 --> 00:05:58.039
might as well get the one you like but
by doing that you'll at least start to
00:05:58.039 --> 00:06:02.690
make a stockpile of food that you can
use and you can rotate it through and
00:06:02.690 --> 00:06:07.460
it's not as expensive as going out and
buying a package of mountain house for
00:06:07.460 --> 00:06:13.639
$9 or $10 or whatever it is or going out
and getting a freeze dryer or spending a
00:06:13.639 --> 00:06:16.909
lot on a dehydrator or something like
that you may want to get there but if
00:06:16.909 --> 00:06:20.449
you're just starting out and you
want to spend about kind of money then
00:06:20.449 --> 00:06:24.469
just start by buying a couple of extra
cans of food here and there make sure
00:06:24.469 --> 00:06:29.179
you have a manual caliber because having
a bunch of canned food is great if you
00:06:29.179 --> 00:06:32.809
can't get into the canned food that was
a problem so make sure you've got a
00:06:32.809 --> 00:06:36.860
manual can opener with it put it with
the food that you've got and that's a
00:06:36.860 --> 00:06:40.729
real great way to kind of get into it
without spending a lot of money to start
00:06:40.729 --> 00:06:45.739
okay so the fourth thing is going to be
around water now water seems like it's a
00:06:45.739 --> 00:06:49.429
pretty standard thing you get it out of
the tap and you can use your tap water
00:06:49.429 --> 00:06:54.979
there are articles online about how to
treat tap water if you're going to try
00:06:54.979 --> 00:07:01.429
to store it long-term we treat our tap
water that we keep in our big containers
00:07:01.429 --> 00:07:08.509
it's kind of our super emergency water
like for a real huge disaster we use tap
00:07:08.509 --> 00:07:12.860
water and we treat it with bleach to
keep the bacteria out and then when we
00:07:12.860 --> 00:07:16.219
use it we would probably boil it again
just to be safe or run it through
00:07:16.219 --> 00:07:20.659
another filter but that's kind of how we
treat that however our drinking water
00:07:20.659 --> 00:07:25.039
and kind of what we would use in a
smaller emergency or a one to two week
00:07:25.039 --> 00:07:29.689
sort of a thing we just use either the
gallon jugs that you can get at the
00:07:29.689 --> 00:07:33.889
grocery store you can get a five gallon
jug five gallon jugs are usually less
00:07:33.889 --> 00:07:38.769
per gallon than a single jug but you can
go get a single jug gallon of water for
00:07:38.769 --> 00:07:42.979
99 cents 89 cents just get the store
brand drinking water is drinking water
00:07:42.979 --> 00:07:49.309
for the most part and store it away and
you know you need a gallon of water per
00:07:49.309 --> 00:07:54.169
person per day in in rough estimation so
every time you go to the grocery store
00:07:54.169 --> 00:07:59.689
just buy one extra gallon of water and
put it away and over the course of you
00:07:59.689 --> 00:08:03.949
know seven trips to the grocery store or
14 trips at your store whatever you will
00:08:03.949 --> 00:08:07.819
start to build up that cache of drinking
water and then you can use it throughout
00:08:07.819 --> 00:08:13.309
you can rotate it through as long as you
keep it in a cool dark place you
00:08:13.309 --> 00:08:17.779
shouldn't have any issues with the
plastic over time you'll have issues
00:08:17.779 --> 00:08:20.629
with plastic you don't want to store
things in plastic for long periods of
00:08:20.629 --> 00:08:23.539
time but you know as long as you're
rotating it out you shouldn't have a
00:08:23.539 --> 00:08:28.009
problem as long as it's cool you can
also get the little bottles of water
00:08:28.009 --> 00:08:30.320
those are going to be great for
00:08:30.320 --> 00:08:35.540
the per kind of per liter cost or per
bottle cost is going to be much more
00:08:35.540 --> 00:08:40.490
expensive buying water models than it is
buying jugs or even a 5 gallons so I
00:08:40.490 --> 00:08:44.480
recommend maybe getting a couple of 5
gallons get some some one gallons
00:08:44.480 --> 00:08:47.800
because those are really easy maybe get
one package of water bottles over time
00:08:47.800 --> 00:08:52.910
but you don't need to just go out and
buy two week supply of water if you
00:08:52.910 --> 00:08:56.090
don't want to buy a little bit buy a
couple of days at a time
00:08:56.090 --> 00:08:59.630
and build it up over time and then
you're not going to be investing as much
00:08:59.630 --> 00:09:03.620
not give me a vesting at a filter you're
not gonna be investing in a gigantic
00:09:03.620 --> 00:09:08.180
55-gallon drum and all the water that
goes into it you may want to get there
00:09:08.180 --> 00:09:13.310
but to get started you know get a few
gallons every time you go to the grocery
00:09:13.310 --> 00:09:18.770
store it's an extra dollar or it's an
extra 80 cents or if you you know buy it
00:09:18.770 --> 00:09:22.780
at the the fill up your own 5-gallon
tank and maybe even less than that
00:09:22.780 --> 00:09:29.960
and most grocery stores have a fill up
your own container and you get great
00:09:29.960 --> 00:09:33.860
drinking water and it's gonna be even
less than what it is at the store so
00:09:33.860 --> 00:09:37.250
those are some options around water that
are not going to break the bank forth
00:09:37.250 --> 00:09:41.930
okay so the fifth tip that I have is
around tools and gear because you may
00:09:41.930 --> 00:09:46.310
want to have some tools and gear and an
emergency I know ideally like to be like
00:09:46.310 --> 00:09:50.510
to all be able to make our own you know
tents and everything out of the supplies
00:09:50.510 --> 00:09:53.810
we have around us but some people may
want to have an actual tent some people
00:09:53.810 --> 00:09:57.860
where I have actual tools I'm one of
those people as much as I like to do it
00:09:57.860 --> 00:10:03.520
myself I like to have some of those
things ready to go that I know are are
00:10:03.520 --> 00:10:08.420
structurally sound and have all of the
right tools and everything to do what
00:10:08.420 --> 00:10:13.040
they need to do so if you want to do
some of that sort of stuff there are
00:10:13.040 --> 00:10:15.710
some ways to do it without spending a
ton of money you don't have to go buy
00:10:15.710 --> 00:10:20.720
retail off-the-shelf brand new thrift
stores are a great place tools are tools
00:10:20.720 --> 00:10:27.380
are tools especially hand tools so go to
a thrift store garage sales estate sales
00:10:27.380 --> 00:10:33.020
all of those places are great
opportunities to pick up tools camping
00:10:33.020 --> 00:10:37.850
gear a lot of the preparedness gear that
that we talked about that get featured
00:10:37.850 --> 00:10:42.829
on channels it's not preparing this gear
it's not survival gear
00:10:42.829 --> 00:10:46.100
for the most part it's like can't be
here it's you know do you have a tent do
00:10:46.100 --> 00:10:51.829
you have a camping stove you know there
isn't a survival stove it's a it's
00:10:51.829 --> 00:10:56.629
likely camping stove people say it's a
survival stove to make it seem more
00:10:56.629 --> 00:11:02.119
dramatic but just the camping stuff and
a lot of people especially at the end of
00:11:02.119 --> 00:11:06.110
summer when people are kind of done
camping and they want to start putting
00:11:06.110 --> 00:11:08.420
stuff away and they maybe don't want to
put it in their garage and store it for
00:11:08.420 --> 00:11:11.480
another season they're gonna put it on
Craigslist they're gonna put it on a
00:11:11.480 --> 00:11:14.420
garage sale we're gonna try to sell it
out of the garage it's a great
00:11:14.420 --> 00:11:20.059
opportunity to pick up good quality gear
that you you know you may not use it you
00:11:20.059 --> 00:11:24.350
know 300 days a year so it doesn't
necessarily need to be brand new doesn't
00:11:24.350 --> 00:11:28.819
maybe need to have a warranty it just
needs to be functional so go out take a
00:11:28.819 --> 00:11:35.959
look tents sleeping bags sleeping pads
lights flashlights about all of that
00:11:35.959 --> 00:11:38.209
sort of stuff
you can pick up the thrift stores and
00:11:38.209 --> 00:11:44.540
garage sales and estate sales for way
less money you can even usually
00:11:44.540 --> 00:11:48.529
negotiate if you're bringing cash
especially if it's like a garage sale or
00:11:48.529 --> 00:11:52.639
it's an estate sale there's usually some
negotiation room you could bundle up a
00:11:52.639 --> 00:11:55.519
whole package and say hey I want the
tent the sleeping bags everything else
00:11:55.519 --> 00:12:00.079
and give me a cheap me for a discount
and likely you will get that so that's a
00:12:00.079 --> 00:12:04.819
great way to get either a little bit of
gear or a bunch of gear for way less
00:12:04.819 --> 00:12:09.679
than if you went to Cabela's or
Sportsman's Warehouse or Fred Meyer or
00:12:09.679 --> 00:12:15.799
wherever and try to get it all on that
retail all at one woman all right
00:12:15.799 --> 00:12:21.259
everybody so that's five tips on how to
get started preparing or prepping on a
00:12:21.259 --> 00:12:25.759
budget without spending thousands of
dollars get you up and going so that you
00:12:25.759 --> 00:12:29.299
feel a little bit more prepared so that
you feel like you're ready for a
00:12:29.299 --> 00:12:34.160
disaster if it were to happen that you
might fare better than the rest of the
00:12:34.160 --> 00:12:38.419
folks either in your neighborhood or
around you who don't have anything and
00:12:38.419 --> 00:12:40.519
without spending thousands of thousands
of dollars
00:12:40.519 --> 00:12:45.589
he doesn't cost tons of money to be
prepared it costs you know some time to
00:12:45.589 --> 00:12:50.509
learn some things and it may take some
extra time to try to find good deals on
00:12:50.509 --> 00:12:54.220
things but again if you don't plan if
you don't know what you want that your
00:12:54.220 --> 00:12:57.490
not going to be able to really figure
out what it is that you should be
00:12:57.490 --> 00:13:02.020
looking for to find it at a good price
to invest in it at the right time so I
00:13:02.020 --> 00:13:07.000
thoroughly encourage you to spend all of
the time you can learning and learning
00:13:07.000 --> 00:13:10.920
and planning and planning so that when
you do decide that you need to invest
00:13:10.920 --> 00:13:15.520
actual money into something you have an
idea of what it should be and you know
00:13:15.520 --> 00:13:19.690
the value that's there and you know when
you're getting a good deal on it
00:13:19.690 --> 00:13:24.370
but that's gonna do it for this week
thanks again for watching please do like
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bell on this video doing so helps us
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helps grow the channel we're continuing
to add new subscribers and we're very
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grateful for that but we'd love to have
more so please share it with other
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people and if you have a tip for for
preparing on a budget something that you
00:13:45.550 --> 00:13:49.990
found that works really well please
leave it in the comments share it with
00:13:49.990 --> 00:13:54.640
the rest of the group so that everybody
can learn and we will see you next week
00:13:54.640 --> 00:14:00.090
thanks a lot and have a wonderful 4th of
July holiday

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