If a picture is worth a thousand words… then I probably said more than that in each of these videos:

laptop edc
It's easy to think about preparing for an emergency at home.  It's easy to think about preparing for an emergency
FEMA has designated April as National Financial Capability Month.  There are so many elements as layers to financial capability and
edc kaychain
Everyone's Everyday Carry or EDC setup will be unique, and it should be.  We all have different life situations and
food storage
Over the weekend we were having dinner with some friends.  As we enjoyed our appetizers, one of them looked at
bags kits packs bobs
"Do you have a Bug Out Bag?" "Do you have a 72-hour kit?" "What's in your EDC?" "Where do you
Taco sauce and vomit bags…yep, I'm going to connect these…and not in the way you probably are expecting.  Two things
rule of 3s
The Rule of 3’s is a method for prioritizing your basic survival needs.  It provides a relative magnitude to the
A couple of our community members have asked me, "should I buy an emergency kit or build my own?"  This
Every year, before the Winter holidays start, our family takes a few days to go through our house and clean. 
inventory assessment
We continue to be inspired by our community and the amazing feedback we receive.  Over the last few months we