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VIDEO: Pocket-Sized Emergency Kit | S.O.L. Survival Medic Kit Product Review | Prepping for Non-Preppers

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Pocket-Sized Emergency Kit | S.O.L. Survival Medic Kit Product Review | Prepping for Non-Preppers

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NEW VIDEO: Community Question: “I want a small emergency kit and I don’t want to spend a lot of money, what do you recommend?” Check out our NEW video to see what I found!

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Having a full emergency kit is great but sometimes you don’t have the luxury. You may not have the budget or space for a bugout bag or a get home bag…or even a fully stocked EDC setup. I heard about the S.O.L. Survival Medic kits a couple of years ago and have purchased more than 10 since. I love them as a minimal base set of supplies or as a backup to my main supplies. They don’t contain food or water, but they do have a means to make fire, shelter you, signal for help, perform minimal first aid, and aid your navigation…and all in a water tight pouch that can fit in a purse. They are rather inexpensive, so I have them everywhere…every bag, every vehicle, every kit, everywhere.

SOL Survival Medic Kit:

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00:00:00.030 --> 00:00:03.929
hey everybody I get asked all the time
what are your favorite pieces of gear
00:00:03.929 --> 00:00:08.429
what should I know what should I have I
don't have anything where do I start
00:00:08.429 --> 00:00:13.349
well today I'm gonna show you guys one
of my favorite little kits it's a really
00:00:13.349 --> 00:00:19.500
inexpensive but fairly complete kit that
you can get and and add to either your
00:00:19.500 --> 00:00:23.730
kits or it's a good starting off point
so stay tuned to the episode and we'll
00:00:23.730 --> 00:00:31.650
go through it hey everybody welcome to
Cascadia dispatch this week i'm casey
00:00:31.650 --> 00:00:36.540
and today i want to show you one of my
favorite little pieces of gear that i've
00:00:36.540 --> 00:00:41.610
come across over the last couple of
years it is the survival medic kit from
00:00:41.610 --> 00:00:46.680
salt survive outdoors longer there are a
little branch of adventure medical kits
00:00:46.680 --> 00:00:52.739
they make a variety of first-aid kits
and little survival kit setups that are
00:00:52.739 --> 00:00:57.930
super useful relatively inexpensive this
will run anywhere from I think it
00:00:57.930 --> 00:01:03.329
retails for about $15 you can find it on
Amazon or Cabela's or Target or Walmart
00:01:03.329 --> 00:01:08.070
or Fred Meyer and you just about
anywhere usually there's some sort of a
00:01:08.070 --> 00:01:12.240
sale you can usually get it for about
thirteen I have found them on camping
00:01:12.240 --> 00:01:18.990
clearance clear outs and close outs and
things for 40% 50% off and usually when
00:01:18.990 --> 00:01:23.330
I find them on sale I'll stock up all by
five or six of them and I'll put them
00:01:23.330 --> 00:01:28.049
everywhere or I'll give them to people
who have been asking me about them as
00:01:28.049 --> 00:01:33.750
gifts or something like that they are
super small this is about the same size
00:01:33.750 --> 00:01:41.759
as my phone so you can see I mean these
are not this is not a go bag this is not
00:01:41.759 --> 00:01:45.899
an EDC bag this is not the five-day
survival kit that we looked at a couple
00:01:45.899 --> 00:01:51.450
of weeks ago this is really meant to be
if you don't have anything to give you
00:01:51.450 --> 00:01:57.750
kind of an initial little grouping of
gear if you don't have the ability to
00:01:57.750 --> 00:02:02.850
have a full bag this is something to
supplement or augment an existing bag so
00:02:02.850 --> 00:02:07.619
like I said I keep this in my bags along
with all of my other gear that I may
00:02:07.619 --> 00:02:10.390
you see or I may have in a get home bag
00:02:10.390 --> 00:02:14.870
this is kind of a backup for that but
when I was first getting started this
00:02:14.870 --> 00:02:18.890
was something that I kind of put
everywhere as a solid base layer so I at
00:02:18.890 --> 00:02:22.819
least felt like I had something so what
I want to do is open it up we'll go
00:02:22.819 --> 00:02:28.040
through what's inside of it show you
what's in there and go from there
00:02:28.040 --> 00:02:34.579
so stay tuned all right so let's go
through and open up the kit see what's
00:02:34.579 --> 00:02:39.290
in it and go from there so one of the
first things is it's sealed to start
00:02:39.290 --> 00:02:44.870
with and then when you open it up there
is actually a kind of ziplock tight seal
00:02:44.870 --> 00:02:50.569
inside so this will stay waterproof both
when you open it and when it's not open
00:02:50.569 --> 00:02:56.120
so everything inside of it is gonna be
really secure and it's not gonna get
00:02:56.120 --> 00:03:01.700
spoiled or rot or moldy or anything like
that one of the first things that's in
00:03:01.700 --> 00:03:06.829
here is duct tape everybody loves duct
tape you make all kinds of things out of
00:03:06.829 --> 00:03:10.519
duct tape I mean you can use this to
secure items you can use it to patch
00:03:10.519 --> 00:03:15.590
items I've seen people make wallets and
dresses and there's blogs associated
00:03:15.590 --> 00:03:18.980
with duct tape we all love duct tape I
mean if we're watching this video you
00:03:18.980 --> 00:03:23.660
love duct tape so there's a pretty
decent sized roll of duct tape this is
00:03:23.660 --> 00:03:28.010
not meant to necessarily make one of
those big projects but it's enough to
00:03:28.010 --> 00:03:34.190
patch something or latch something if
you need it as you're going from point A
00:03:34.190 --> 00:03:40.459
to point B if you're going from downtown
to home and your pants rip or your shirt
00:03:40.459 --> 00:03:44.989
tears or your coat tears or something
this will be enough to repair that and
00:03:44.989 --> 00:03:49.310
and maybe get a bundle of tinder or
something I don't know whatever you
00:03:49.310 --> 00:03:53.090
would want to use it for but there's at
least some of that there all right next
00:03:53.090 --> 00:03:58.940
up is fire starting so what's really
cool about this kit is it has a non
00:03:58.940 --> 00:04:03.799
liquid based fire starting kit included
in it so the first part of that and I'll
00:04:03.799 --> 00:04:08.930
open it up everything actually comes in
little individually sealed bags which is
00:04:08.930 --> 00:04:15.799
also wonderful because if the big bag
were to be punctured or ripped and water
00:04:15.799 --> 00:04:21.230
where you get in it all of the contents
the inside of the bag is going to stay
00:04:21.230 --> 00:04:27.200
dry which is awesome so the first thing
is it comes with this little sparker so
00:04:27.200 --> 00:04:31.550
for those of us who remember the kind of
Matchbox cars of things where there was
00:04:31.550 --> 00:04:36.080
a little plastic stick that would go
inside and you would pull it out and the
00:04:36.080 --> 00:04:41.030
car would spark of the engine would go
so same idea with this you're gonna kind
00:04:41.030 --> 00:04:47.840
of run it along and it's gonna spark as
as you move it along and what its gonna
00:04:47.840 --> 00:04:56.540
spark on to are these little cotton
tinder braids that they have and this is
00:04:56.540 --> 00:05:00.830
something that soul and adventure
medical kits have you can buy them
00:05:00.830 --> 00:05:06.380
individually but they include some in
the kit so you have four of these which
00:05:06.380 --> 00:05:13.430
will allow you to start a fire without
requiring the use of gasoline or butane
00:05:13.430 --> 00:05:19.700
or kerosene or something like that
which would potentially leak in a bag or
00:05:19.700 --> 00:05:23.900
leak in a car or something like that
this is going to stay dry it's not gonna
00:05:23.900 --> 00:05:27.920
affect any of your other gear and it's
gonna allow you to start a fire if you
00:05:27.920 --> 00:05:32.150
need it to I can't like I said this kit
is not a go bag this is not gonna
00:05:32.150 --> 00:05:38.870
sustain you for three days or five days
or a week or two weeks this is you know
00:05:38.870 --> 00:05:43.820
to sustain you for maybe 24 hours while
you're getting somewhere or 12 hours if
00:05:43.820 --> 00:05:48.260
you're in really bad conditions it
doesn't have any food it doesn't have
00:05:48.260 --> 00:05:54.920
any water it doesn't have a multi-tool
it doesn't have some of the things that
00:05:54.920 --> 00:05:58.610
you might want to have and it go back
but what it does have is pretty
00:05:58.610 --> 00:06:04.190
significant for the size package that it
is alright so the next thing that's in
00:06:04.190 --> 00:06:14.720
here that is pretty cool and it's wedged
in here is survival blanket so a lot of
00:06:14.720 --> 00:06:17.810
times you'll see the mylar blankets that
people get wrapped around in the
00:06:17.810 --> 00:06:24.590
marathon's this is same idea so a little
bit bigger it's got orange on one side
00:06:24.590 --> 00:06:27.230
and it's got the silver on the other so
00:06:27.230 --> 00:06:29.070
you use it for signaling if you wanted
00:06:29.070 --> 00:06:35.610
to you might be able to turn this into
some sort of a shelter possibly like a
00:06:35.610 --> 00:06:39.750
little a-frame sort of the thing with a
tree maybe or you can I don't think you
00:06:39.750 --> 00:06:45.600
could really turn it into a tent but it
would at least maybe keep you dry you
00:06:45.600 --> 00:06:49.400
can maybe cut a hole in the top and turn
it into like a poncho if you need it to
00:06:49.400 --> 00:06:56.730
but really is to keep you warm
and mostly dry that is super helpful I
00:06:56.730 --> 00:07:01.830
actually have a separate emergency
blanket that I keep in my laptop bag
00:07:01.830 --> 00:07:06.360
that's a little bit bigger it's kind of
designed to go around to people so if
00:07:06.360 --> 00:07:11.070
I'm with a kid or if I'm with my wife or
something we have something that would
00:07:11.070 --> 00:07:15.360
be bigger but this I also keep one of
these kids in my bag so I actually have
00:07:15.360 --> 00:07:21.120
two blankets in my day but this is a
solid choice and it's a lot it seems
00:07:21.120 --> 00:07:25.080
like if the material is a lot sturdier
and more durable than kind of the
00:07:25.080 --> 00:07:30.360
cheaper mylar blankets that maybe you
get on Amazon in a big bulb pack so this
00:07:30.360 --> 00:07:35.580
is going to be a good addition to your
kit so speaking of signaling another
00:07:35.580 --> 00:07:41.640
thing that this kit has is a whistle
everybody loves whistles so this is kind
00:07:41.640 --> 00:07:45.870
of a plastic bright orange whistle you
would use this for signaling to alert
00:07:45.870 --> 00:07:51.690
people that you needed help what's nice
about it is it's bright orange so while
00:07:51.690 --> 00:07:55.350
it's maybe not the most obvious signal
if you were wearing it against you know
00:07:55.350 --> 00:07:59.100
black clothing or white clothing or
anything other than orange clothing
00:07:59.100 --> 00:08:04.620
someone might actually see this in the
woods and be able to spot you these are
00:08:04.620 --> 00:08:10.080
super loud even though it doesn't it's
super thin it's about as thin as my
00:08:10.080 --> 00:08:15.780
phone it's actually thinner than my
phone but it makes a really loud noise
00:08:15.780 --> 00:08:19.950
and it doesn't have the little ball
thing rattling around so you're not
00:08:19.950 --> 00:08:24.960
gonna hear this thing rattling when it's
not out so it's a great addition to the
00:08:24.960 --> 00:08:31.020
kit all right so the next thing we're
gonna go through is first aid so like I
00:08:31.020 --> 00:08:36.540
said MIT's adventure medical kits it is
called the survival medic kit I this is
00:08:36.540 --> 00:08:41.010
not a trauma kit this is not a full
first-aid kit but it does
00:08:41.010 --> 00:08:46.920
have some band-aids it's got a couple of
a finger band-aid and a couple of kind
00:08:46.920 --> 00:08:52.440
of your standard little oblong band-aids
which is helpful it's got some
00:08:52.440 --> 00:08:57.480
antiseptic towels so you can use this to
clean cuts and make sure you don't have
00:08:57.480 --> 00:09:03.150
any dirt or bacteria or anything ducting
in there and antibiotic ointment so this
00:09:03.150 --> 00:09:08.670
will take care of a really solid cut or
scrape of course it's not going to help
00:09:08.670 --> 00:09:12.600
you if you need stitches or something
like that but at least have you covered
00:09:12.600 --> 00:09:16.710
until you can get to a bigger first aid
kit there's also some Advil or some
00:09:16.710 --> 00:09:20.370
ibuprofen in here which is helpful so if
you've got a headache
00:09:20.370 --> 00:09:25.560
or pain associated with whatever you
needed the band-aids for you at least
00:09:25.560 --> 00:09:30.630
have something to go off of in most of
my bags I have a separate medication bag
00:09:30.630 --> 00:09:34.500
I have a separate first-aid kind of
bandage kit area and we'll go through
00:09:34.500 --> 00:09:38.700
those in a different video but this is
at least gives you something to get to
00:09:38.700 --> 00:09:43.610
your next kit also one of the cool
things that this kid has is these
00:09:43.610 --> 00:09:48.060
instructions which are not necessarily
instructions for the kit but they're
00:09:48.060 --> 00:09:53.640
just kind of general Survival II sort of
life-saving they call it life-saving
00:09:53.640 --> 00:09:59.610
tools and techniques but they're just
things if you were out in a disaster or
00:09:59.610 --> 00:10:04.680
an emergency and you were trying to get
somewhere and you maybe had no training
00:10:04.680 --> 00:10:08.580
or you didn't know a whole lot this at
least has some general things you could
00:10:08.580 --> 00:10:12.710
read and maybe learn a couple things as
you're on the go I would not recommend
00:10:12.710 --> 00:10:17.790
relying on this as your main source of
knowledge you always want to be more
00:10:17.790 --> 00:10:22.590
prepared than that but it is nice that
they at least included and worst-case
00:10:22.590 --> 00:10:27.720
scenario is if you are in the process of
walking home and you need a moment to
00:10:27.720 --> 00:10:32.280
rest you release have something to read
we will look at the last two things in
00:10:32.280 --> 00:10:39.680
the kit a safety pin which these are
always super useful because you can
00:10:39.680 --> 00:10:45.060
attach things to other things with them
because it's a safety pin you're not
00:10:45.060 --> 00:10:48.960
going to poke yourself or you're not
gonna poke other things like gear or
00:10:48.960 --> 00:10:52.520
other plastic kits and I can put a hole
in this with the
00:10:52.520 --> 00:10:58.820
deepen and make it not waterproof so a
really helpful thing to have the other
00:10:58.820 --> 00:11:04.370
thing is a little bubble compass so this
is going to help you if you're trying to
00:11:04.370 --> 00:11:09.200
figure out and orient yourself to maybe
where your house is or where an
00:11:09.200 --> 00:11:16.640
evacuation location is this is not
obviously a big compass that's maybe
00:11:16.640 --> 00:11:20.780
going to be the most accurate if so give
you a general idea of where you need to
00:11:20.780 --> 00:11:26.690
go and I think for a lot of us who rely
on GPS and rely on Google Maps and Apple
00:11:26.690 --> 00:11:31.610
maps and ways and everything else in an
emergency if cell towers go down we're
00:11:31.610 --> 00:11:35.390
not going to have access to all of the
features of those apps I actually have
00:11:35.390 --> 00:11:39.680
some apps that run on my phone that are
mapped related that don't require GPS
00:11:39.680 --> 00:11:43.250
necessarily or don't require a cell
service and we'll go through those in
00:11:43.250 --> 00:11:46.790
another video I'm not sure if you're
catching the theme here but there will
00:11:46.790 --> 00:11:51.020
be more videos we will go through more
things so subscribe you might want to
00:11:51.020 --> 00:11:57.050
know these but you know I think for a
lot of us at least having a general idea
00:11:57.050 --> 00:12:02.930
of where we're going we may know that we
are you know due north of our houses due
00:12:02.930 --> 00:12:04.610
north of our office or something like
00:12:04.610 --> 00:12:08.600
so this at least help orient you and
during a disaster there's gonna be a lot
00:12:08.600 --> 00:12:11.960
of things going on it's so having a
general bearing on where you're going
00:12:11.960 --> 00:12:16.010
with something like a compass is gonna
be really helpful all right so that's
00:12:16.010 --> 00:12:19.280
going to do it for today's video
thanks for sticking around and watching
00:12:19.280 --> 00:12:27.620
it with us going through the survival
medic emergency kits like I said a bunch
00:12:27.620 --> 00:12:33.320
of times this is not a go-bag don't for
a second think that it's a go-bag don't
00:12:33.320 --> 00:12:38.300
comment it's not a go back it's not a go
back but what it is is it's a good
00:12:38.300 --> 00:12:43.880
collection of supplies that will either
be a great thing if you don't have
00:12:43.880 --> 00:12:49.040
anything or it'll be a good supplemental
backup if you have a lot of things as we
00:12:49.040 --> 00:12:54.350
go through other kits that I have I'll
show you my laptop bags and some of my
00:12:54.350 --> 00:12:58.430
go bags and things like that you know I
have a lot more gear that I keep in
00:12:58.430 --> 00:13:04.960
those bags that are you know maybe more
durable or larger quantities obvious
00:13:04.960 --> 00:13:09.100
more than two band-aids in the first-aid
kit but if I don't have those if I'm
00:13:09.100 --> 00:13:14.440
somewhere where I can't have a 72-hour
pack because you know who goes to you
00:13:14.440 --> 00:13:19.360
know a play and brings a 72-hour kit
with them another thing this is
00:13:19.360 --> 00:13:23.380
something that I can have in my wife's
purse and if we needed something we at
00:13:23.380 --> 00:13:28.240
least have some of our supplies so if
you liked this video or if you didn't
00:13:28.240 --> 00:13:30.790
like this video
pretend you like this video hit the like
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button subscribe hit the notification
button so you know what we're putting
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out more videos I'm thinking this this
weekly cadence is gonna work out for us
00:13:38.500 --> 00:13:42.910
so we'll try to get more videos out
every week who knows there may be
00:13:42.910 --> 00:13:46.660
surprise videos that's what the
notification button is for right so go
00:13:46.660 --> 00:13:50.470
ahead and click on the button thanks
again for joining us comment below if
00:13:50.470 --> 00:13:54.760
you've got something to add we're trying
out a new camera setup so let me know if
00:13:54.760 --> 00:13:59.950
if it's better than the the previous
videos which maybe have a little bit of
00:13:59.950 --> 00:14:03.970
an up-and-down motion to them which is
we didn't plan so hopefully it's a
00:14:03.970 --> 00:14:09.030
little bit better thanks a lot and we'll
see you next week

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