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VIDEO: Starting Your Preparedness Journey | What Are You Preparing For? | Prepping for Non-Preppers

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Starting Your Preparedness Journey | What Are You Preparing For? | Prepping for Non-Preppers

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NEW VIDEO: Starting Your Preparedness Journey: What Are You Preparing For?

When you start thinking about preparing for a disaster or emergency, the advice and information can be overwhelming. In this series of videos, I provide some guidance on how to orient your mindset to begin processing all of the information that you will be bombarded with. This specific video will help you identify what you want to prepare for to establish a guiding principle for your Preparedness Journey…Think of it as your North Star. The other videos in this series will help you frame your Preparedness Journey and establish a solid foundation for you to achieve success.

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What are You Preparing For? What is your Primary Event and what are you Secondary Event? Share in the comments below.



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00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:05.279
do you feel like you should be preparing
for everything all the disasters all of
00:00:05.279 --> 00:00:09.990
the the emergencies that are feeling a
little overwhelmed by that concept
00:00:09.990 --> 00:00:14.519
because that's a big concept to try to
deal with well take a look at the video
00:00:14.519 --> 00:00:18.570
that we've made coming up next we're
gonna try to help guide you through that
00:00:18.570 --> 00:00:23.039
kind of overwhelming process to begin
your preparedness journey on the right
00:00:23.039 --> 00:00:28.500
foot and establish a great foundation of
preparedness so stay tuned and enjoy
00:00:28.500 --> 00:00:35.489
what we got cooked up for you on the
other side hey everybody welcome in
00:00:35.489 --> 00:00:40.710
cascade a dispatch today I'm Casey and
today we're gonna talk about some
00:00:40.710 --> 00:00:44.940
starting points for your preparedness
journey you may have heard me talk about
00:00:44.940 --> 00:00:48.420
a preparedness journey you may have read
some articles that we've written about
00:00:48.420 --> 00:00:52.590
preparedness journey and you're like
what is this preparedness journey that
00:00:52.590 --> 00:00:59.510
this guy has kind of come up with the
reason that I call this kind of
00:00:59.510 --> 00:01:04.320
preparedness journey of preparedness
journey is because everybody's journey
00:01:04.320 --> 00:01:07.979
is different everyone is preparing for
something different everyone's situation
00:01:07.979 --> 00:01:13.500
and context is different what everyone
feels comfortable with when they feel
00:01:13.500 --> 00:01:19.560
like they're prepared is different so
it's a journey it's a process there is
00:01:19.560 --> 00:01:25.170
you'll see tons of checklists for
bug-out bags and bugging locations and
00:01:25.170 --> 00:01:29.880
all kinds of things and you can check
all those boxes but that just checks you
00:01:29.880 --> 00:01:37.049
off for that thing or that one phase of
preparedness and everyone's journey and
00:01:37.049 --> 00:01:43.590
everyone's level of comfort is different
so it's a journey it's not there is no
00:01:43.590 --> 00:01:48.390
real end destination point unless you
set up your own end destination point so
00:01:48.390 --> 00:01:52.110
today what I want to talk about is kind
of when you're starting out when you're
00:01:52.110 --> 00:01:56.100
beginning what are some things that you
should be thinking about what are some
00:01:56.100 --> 00:01:59.939
guiding principles that you might want
to have we're gonna make a series of
00:01:59.939 --> 00:02:04.110
videos about this so this video is kind
of gonna kick it off and then we're
00:02:04.110 --> 00:02:07.450
gonna have a few videos
that are going to come after it they're
00:02:07.450 --> 00:02:11.650
gonna talk about other areas so first
we're gonna started with what are you
00:02:11.650 --> 00:02:15.580
preparing for okay so you've heard that
you need to be prepared you've heard
00:02:15.580 --> 00:02:19.600
that things can happen that are bad and
you should go out you should get all
00:02:19.600 --> 00:02:24.520
kinds of items and gear and spend a
bunch of money and and and you know
00:02:24.520 --> 00:02:28.900
maybe get some tinfoil hats or something
like that personally I think tinfoil
00:02:28.900 --> 00:02:33.760
hats are very less seasoned and should
not be a part of your preparedness
00:02:33.760 --> 00:02:39.040
journey but that's just my personal
opinion so the first thing is whenever
00:02:39.040 --> 00:02:43.480
you're starting out a journey you want
to know where you're going and so I use
00:02:43.480 --> 00:02:48.550
what the question what are you preparing
for as the establishing of your North
00:02:48.550 --> 00:02:54.340
Star essentially what is it that you
want to prepare for and then you use
00:02:54.340 --> 00:02:59.980
that as your guide when you're deciding
what sort of gear or the timing of
00:02:59.980 --> 00:03:06.850
purchasing items or your planning tools
what plans do you need in place if
00:03:06.850 --> 00:03:10.690
you're planning to prepare for
everything which a lot of people when
00:03:10.690 --> 00:03:14.080
they first start planning to start
preparing they say oh I want to prepare
00:03:14.080 --> 00:03:18.610
for everything I'm going to be ready for
all the things well you can't really
00:03:18.610 --> 00:03:23.920
prepare for all the things you can't
really prepare for all of that stuff and
00:03:23.920 --> 00:03:28.750
that goal of preparing for everything
sometimes becomes too overwhelming and
00:03:28.750 --> 00:03:32.620
then you stop preparing for anything so
I would rather that you have a
00:03:32.620 --> 00:03:37.630
reasonable goal that you have a North
Star and that you are continually trying
00:03:37.630 --> 00:03:42.250
to get better and better prepared for
that journey to that North Star war in
00:03:42.250 --> 00:03:48.310
case of that North Star in the case of a
disaster then setting up a goal of I
00:03:48.310 --> 00:03:52.750
want to prepare for everything and then
not necessarily having the right things
00:03:52.750 --> 00:03:58.570
or the right plans for the most
reasonable situations that will arise so
00:03:58.570 --> 00:04:03.220
so next we're gonna talking about kind
of how to determine what you should be
00:04:03.220 --> 00:04:07.930
preparing for so when I was getting
started with preparation I came from a
00:04:07.930 --> 00:04:12.340
background of having absolutely no
interest in preparation I had never gone
00:04:12.340 --> 00:04:15.510
I had no supplies I had
00:04:15.510 --> 00:04:20.130
really no information other than what I
learned in school about fire drills and
00:04:20.130 --> 00:04:25.530
you know Duck and Cover and some of that
sort of stuff and I didn't have anything
00:04:25.530 --> 00:04:30.570
at my house that was supply related or
anything we were just kind of in the
00:04:30.570 --> 00:04:36.360
world of hey something might happen but
it'll be fine and when I started to read
00:04:36.360 --> 00:04:41.370
about the Cascadia earthquake and look
at some of the numbers behind it
00:04:41.370 --> 00:04:45.720
and all of a sudden became it tangible
you could consider it a threat it could
00:04:45.720 --> 00:04:51.630
be a disaster but it was something that
I recognized as something I wanted to be
00:04:51.630 --> 00:04:57.330
prepared for so for me I break
preparedness and the what are you
00:04:57.330 --> 00:05:02.490
preparing for into two categories I
break it into your primary event plan
00:05:02.490 --> 00:05:08.160
and then your secondary event plans so
your primary plan is the big event the
00:05:08.160 --> 00:05:12.150
big thing that you think is likely to
happen if you are for example in the
00:05:12.150 --> 00:05:16.860
northwest Cascadia subduction zone
earthquake may be your primary plan if
00:05:16.860 --> 00:05:22.380
you live in the southeast or along the
Gulf Coast hurricanes may be your
00:05:22.380 --> 00:05:27.750
primary plan if you live in the Midwest
it may be tornadoes you may not be
00:05:27.750 --> 00:05:32.070
concerned about natural disasters at all
and you may be thinking about a job loss
00:05:32.070 --> 00:05:38.990
or a medical emergency something that
would really turn your world upside down
00:05:38.990 --> 00:05:44.910
in a way that would require additional
supplies and thought in order for you
00:05:44.910 --> 00:05:51.660
and your family to kind of make it back
to normal so for me the Cascadia quake
00:05:51.660 --> 00:05:58.380
is my North Star because if or when that
happens it will not only affect my
00:05:58.380 --> 00:06:02.910
family but it's gonna affect a lot of
families in the region and so we won't
00:06:02.910 --> 00:06:07.349
be able to rely on a lot of government
assistance to help us to get through
00:06:07.349 --> 00:06:10.860
what we won't be able to rely on
neighbors and friends because they will
00:06:10.860 --> 00:06:15.120
all be affected by it as well
so I want to prepare for that so that we
00:06:15.120 --> 00:06:18.510
can make it through because there may
not be support to help us get through
00:06:18.510 --> 00:06:24.630
that and then my secondary plans are our
smaller events for you you know a
00:06:24.630 --> 00:06:30.699
hurricane that can take out an entire
city is probably a good North Star if
00:06:30.699 --> 00:06:35.220
you were in the southeast for example or
along the clove coast or the East Coast
00:06:35.220 --> 00:06:43.570
20 of those big things should really be
kind of your primary event plan and then
00:06:43.570 --> 00:06:47.500
we'll build on that with secondary plans
now that we've identified the big thing
00:06:47.500 --> 00:06:52.389
in the primary plan the secondary plans
are the more day-to-day things that
00:06:52.389 --> 00:06:58.030
could come up and they play together so
for example my secondary planned are
00:06:58.030 --> 00:07:03.550
maybe a house fire for some people that
might be a primary primary event for me
00:07:03.550 --> 00:07:08.260
its secondary because it will really
only affect my family and will have
00:07:08.260 --> 00:07:12.010
support around us with friends and
family to get through a disaster like
00:07:12.010 --> 00:07:15.460
they include you know some sort of a
00:07:15.460 --> 00:07:21.160
vehicle breakdown for out-and-about away
from home and we have a flat tire run
00:07:21.160 --> 00:07:27.400
out of gas there's mechanical issue it's
gonna affect us specifically well affect
00:07:27.400 --> 00:07:30.699
anyone else we'll be able to call for
help but we need to be able to make it
00:07:30.699 --> 00:07:38.080
through until help arrives things like a
power outage that can definitely affect
00:07:38.080 --> 00:07:41.260
a larger group of people but it's a
shorter duration of time you're probably
00:07:41.260 --> 00:07:46.780
only going to be without power
especially in a suburb or a city for 612
00:07:46.780 --> 00:07:52.150
maybe 24 hours it's not going to be a
huge disruption but you want to be
00:07:52.150 --> 00:07:56.500
prepared in case that happens because
there will be you know negative effects
00:07:56.500 --> 00:08:02.289
and consequences of that snowstorms and
everyone on the East Coast can begin to
00:08:02.289 --> 00:08:07.060
laugh but those of us on the west coast
but in Oregon if we get half an inch of
00:08:07.060 --> 00:08:11.710
snow we have road closures and school
closures and things like that and every
00:08:11.710 --> 00:08:15.389
year we usually get two or three days of
a little bit of snow that kind of throws
00:08:15.389 --> 00:08:21.970
you know our area into chaos
on the East Coast you may have you know
00:08:21.970 --> 00:08:27.280
maybe feet of snow that would require
that but sometimes you get feet of snow
00:08:27.280 --> 00:08:31.570
so that might be something that she
would want to prepare for in our area
00:08:31.570 --> 00:08:37.270
rain can happen all the time and so
flooding in in most areas is not a
00:08:37.270 --> 00:08:42.550
big issue but in a lot of areas that
don't receive a lot of rain if you get a
00:08:42.550 --> 00:08:45.730
huge rainstorm and you have flash
flooding and things like that that might
00:08:45.730 --> 00:08:49.510
be something you would we put in a
secondary category depending on the size
00:08:49.510 --> 00:08:53.680
you might put it as a first category
primary event but for us it would
00:08:53.680 --> 00:08:58.480
probably be more of a secondary events
so that's kind of how you would define
00:08:58.480 --> 00:09:03.670
your primary events and your secondary
events now you may be asking why is it
00:09:03.670 --> 00:09:07.089
that we're defining primary and
secondary events and what do they have
00:09:07.089 --> 00:09:10.570
to do with each other
well the reason that we define them is
00:09:10.570 --> 00:09:15.130
your primary event is going to be again
like I say your Northstar when I think
00:09:15.130 --> 00:09:21.130
about gear and investment in in tools
and supplies and planning I usually
00:09:21.130 --> 00:09:27.040
think about how it's going to apply for
my primary event that is kind of the
00:09:27.040 --> 00:09:30.640
filter the first filter that I look
through when I'm thinking about getting
00:09:30.640 --> 00:09:36.520
prepared the secondary events are kind
of the fillings so if I buy a flashlight
00:09:36.520 --> 00:09:41.860
because I'm preparing for the Cascadia
earthquake that same flashlight is going
00:09:41.860 --> 00:09:48.250
to be able to be used if I have there's
a snowstorm or a power outage I can use
00:09:48.250 --> 00:09:51.700
those things in multiple areas so then
when I think about the most likely
00:09:51.700 --> 00:09:56.800
secondary events I can either try and
and prepare for those secondary events
00:09:56.800 --> 00:10:01.600
and identify the gaps between what I've
prepared for the primary event and what
00:10:01.600 --> 00:10:05.800
I need to prepare for for the secondary
event and they kind of play together and
00:10:05.800 --> 00:10:09.220
then what you start to realize is that
you're building a foundation of
00:10:09.220 --> 00:10:15.250
preparedness for a variety of things you
are not just preparing for an earthquake
00:10:15.250 --> 00:10:21.310
you are also preparing for a fire or a
snowstorm you're not just preparing for
00:10:21.310 --> 00:10:27.370
a hurricane you're also preparing for a
power outage or job loss for example a
00:10:27.370 --> 00:10:33.070
lot of people will store food in case of
a big emergency but if they lose their
00:10:33.070 --> 00:10:37.540
job they'll start to use that food that
they've stored to get them through until
00:10:37.540 --> 00:10:41.100
they have a job again and
they can you know buy groceries and
00:10:41.100 --> 00:10:46.139
that's for them so again if you take the
approach that all I'm preparing for
00:10:46.139 --> 00:10:50.190
everything it becomes overwhelming and
you you don't necessarily prepare for
00:10:50.190 --> 00:10:54.329
any one thing well but if you identify
our primary and you identify some
00:10:54.329 --> 00:10:59.339
secondaries it becomes very easy then to
filter through what you want to do and
00:10:59.339 --> 00:11:07.139
create a plan that will allow you to
really well or really easily identify
00:11:07.139 --> 00:11:11.069
priorities identify the things that you
need and then start to build the
00:11:11.069 --> 00:11:15.449
confidence that hey I'm maybe only
prepared for two weeks for the
00:11:15.449 --> 00:11:20.490
earthquake but that's enough supplies to
easily get me through a blackout or a
00:11:20.490 --> 00:11:24.870
snowstorm okay I don't have to worry
about maybe those events anymore and I
00:11:24.870 --> 00:11:30.449
can focus on something else so that's
that's why I divide them up that way and
00:11:30.449 --> 00:11:34.139
that's also why they play together so
well and why when you're thinking about
00:11:34.139 --> 00:11:38.910
where to start on your journey
identifying a really clear North Star in
00:11:38.910 --> 00:11:45.149
your primary event and then identifying
kind of guidelines and framework around
00:11:45.149 --> 00:11:50.339
your secondary events hope to kind of
point you in the direction of where
00:11:50.339 --> 00:11:54.750
you're gonna go on your journey so we're
gonna wrap it up today that is the video
00:11:54.750 --> 00:11:59.279
on what you want to prepare for would
love to hear what you've decided after
00:11:59.279 --> 00:12:02.990
hearing this which you your primary
event and your secondary event should be
00:12:02.990 --> 00:12:07.290
it's always great for other people in
the community to know what people are
00:12:07.290 --> 00:12:10.380
preparing for it's great for us to know
what you're preparing for it because
00:12:10.380 --> 00:12:14.130
then we can try to build content around
common themes if there's a bunch of
00:12:14.130 --> 00:12:17.189
people you know that are thinking about
hurricanes will try to make something
00:12:17.189 --> 00:12:19.050
out hurricanes
there's a lot of people that are
00:12:19.050 --> 00:12:24.389
worrying about job loss we can try to do
stuff around that so please definitely
00:12:24.389 --> 00:12:27.779
leave your comments let everybody know
what you're thinking about what's on
00:12:27.779 --> 00:12:32.459
your mind so we can continue to create
content that that it's not only going to
00:12:32.459 --> 00:12:37.380
benefit you but also help everybody else
recognize that they're not the only one
00:12:37.380 --> 00:12:42.149
of the folks they're not the only one
that is concerned about house fires or
00:12:42.149 --> 00:12:45.310
wildfires or floods there's other people
that are concerned about
00:12:45.310 --> 00:12:50.740
- and we can continue that conversation
so please go ahead like subscribe share
00:12:50.740 --> 00:12:55.060
it with your friends comment below as I
said the more comments and likes and
00:12:55.060 --> 00:12:58.870
subscribes and things that more people
get to see our content on Facebook and
00:12:58.870 --> 00:13:04.389
YouTube so it's always great to get that
support there's something else that you
00:13:04.389 --> 00:13:08.680
think it would be interesting don't feel
free to comment believe us that - we'd
00:13:08.680 --> 00:13:12.699
love to hear about it so thanks again
and we'll see you next week for another
00:13:12.699 --> 00:13:15.930
video thanks

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