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VIDEO: Starting Your Preparedness Journey | Who Are You Preparing For? | Prepping for Non-Preppers

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Starting Your Preparedness Journey | Who Are You Preparing For? | Prepping for Non-Preppers

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NEW VIDEO: Starting Your Preparedness Journey: Who Are You Preparing For?

Starting Your Preparedness Journey: Who Are You Preparing For?

You wouldn’t plan for a party with a rough idea of the guest list, would you? So why should planning for an emergency be any different? If you want to feel comfortable with your planning, you need to know how many people to plan for. This video talks about how to think about planning for different groups of people based on the location you are at when something unexpected happens.

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How many people are you Preparing For? How many animals? Share in the comments below.


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00:00:00.030 --> 00:00:03.060
so now that you know what you're
preparing for it do you know who you're
00:00:03.060 --> 00:00:06.690
preparing for have you thought about
that I'm not talking about aliens I'm
00:00:06.690 --> 00:00:11.070
not talking about zombies talking about
friends neighbors and family you may be
00:00:11.070 --> 00:00:15.240
saying family and why the others well
let's talk about that on the other side
00:00:15.240 --> 00:00:23.070
of the intro hey everybody welcome back
to Cascadia dispatch I'm Casey and today
00:00:23.070 --> 00:00:26.519
we're gonna talk about who you want to
be thinking about when you're preparing
00:00:26.519 --> 00:00:31.050
for some sort of a disaster or an
emergency or something like that in our
00:00:31.050 --> 00:00:34.829
last video we talked about what you
would be preparing for so we get an idea
00:00:34.829 --> 00:00:37.680
why are you talking about an actual
disaster are you talking about an
00:00:37.680 --> 00:00:42.600
economic issue some sort of a medical
concern so we kind of started to get an
00:00:42.600 --> 00:00:46.680
idea of what we would be preparing for
when that might happen some of those
00:00:46.680 --> 00:00:54.840
ideas is it seasonal is it a random act
of nature but now something about who
00:00:54.840 --> 00:00:58.289
are we gonna prepare for and I'm not
talking about aliens I'm not talking
00:00:58.289 --> 00:01:03.239
about zombies I'm not gonna you know
necessarily you know a person that's
00:01:03.239 --> 00:01:06.630
gonna come and create the problem
talking about as you're thinking about
00:01:06.630 --> 00:01:11.659
your plan who are you thinking about in
your planner who are you preparing for
00:01:11.659 --> 00:01:16.619
to make sure you have enough supplies
for who are you thinking about and when
00:01:16.619 --> 00:01:22.259
you talk about a team of people to make
it through whatever the emergency is so
00:01:22.259 --> 00:01:26.040
that's what we're gonna focus on in this
episode we'll kind of walk through a
00:01:26.040 --> 00:01:31.229
couple of different scenarios and then
we'll wrap it up so let's get on with it
00:01:31.229 --> 00:01:34.590
okay so when we think about the who
we're gonna break this up into a couple
00:01:34.590 --> 00:01:40.829
of different kind of scenarios one is
you're kind of at home base location one
00:01:40.829 --> 00:01:47.130
is going to need your community and then
one is going to be traveling and you'll
00:01:47.130 --> 00:01:50.610
understand why I've broken this up here
when we get into it here in a second
00:01:50.610 --> 00:01:55.979
okay so home base this is going to be
the people that live in your home with
00:01:55.979 --> 00:02:01.320
you most likely it's going to be your
family and maybe your pets if you have
00:02:01.320 --> 00:02:05.490
pets don't forget about your pets if you
have pets a lot of people forget to plan
00:02:05.490 --> 00:02:10.300
for pets and then there's a disaster
and you have issues with the animals and
00:02:10.300 --> 00:02:13.900
things so always plan for your pets make
sure you have some way of keeping them
00:02:13.900 --> 00:02:19.690
contained and fed and watered
same thing with your family so you may
00:02:19.690 --> 00:02:22.660
not need to contain your family I don't
know your family might need to be
00:02:22.660 --> 00:02:27.010
contained who knows but we make sure
that we've got enough food and water for
00:02:27.010 --> 00:02:32.850
our family of four plus our cat and then
all of the other supplies that we need
00:02:32.850 --> 00:02:38.650
to plan around that number of people for
whatever amount of time we're planning
00:02:38.650 --> 00:02:44.080
for be it two weeks a month six months a
year that's kind of the base number that
00:02:44.080 --> 00:02:49.090
we go off of okay so let's talk about
community so community is means
00:02:49.090 --> 00:02:52.990
different things different people and in
this scenario there are some slight gray
00:02:52.990 --> 00:02:56.590
areas here so I'm going to talk a little
bit about that and then you kind of
00:02:56.590 --> 00:03:01.900
decide what applies to you so the first
area is family extended family some
00:03:01.900 --> 00:03:04.840
people don't have extended family that
live nearby so you don't need to worry
00:03:04.840 --> 00:03:10.090
about this for us we have family members
that live close by and so we have built
00:03:10.090 --> 00:03:16.030
into our plan and our supplies enough
food and water and supplies shelters and
00:03:16.030 --> 00:03:20.650
things like that so that they can come
from their homes to our house and our
00:03:20.650 --> 00:03:26.110
house can be kind of the base camp for
everyone in our family so we have we
00:03:26.110 --> 00:03:29.800
have accommodated for that some people
if you don't have a family live closeby
00:03:29.800 --> 00:03:35.110
you don't need to worry about that
friends are kind of another circle out
00:03:35.110 --> 00:03:40.540
so some people might want to prepare for
their home base to be the the home base
00:03:40.540 --> 00:03:45.970
for all of their friends for us we have
a lot of friends that live close by we
00:03:45.970 --> 00:03:50.769
probably couldn't support all of those
friends if they came to our house so we
00:03:50.769 --> 00:03:56.230
have opted to educate them on how best
to be prepared because I can't be trips
00:03:56.230 --> 00:04:00.340
together we've gone you know I've shown
them the gear that I've got they
00:04:00.340 --> 00:04:04.780
shouldn't be the gear that they've got
we've talked about plans as I come
00:04:04.780 --> 00:04:09.250
across new strategies I fill them in and
then also just making sure that they
00:04:09.250 --> 00:04:12.970
have the minimums that they have water
that they have food so that you know if
00:04:12.970 --> 00:04:16.340
they need to be based out of their homes
that they have
00:04:16.340 --> 00:04:20.989
enough and we know that they're gonna be
safe you can't prepare to help everyone
00:04:20.989 --> 00:04:27.620
but you can at least educate everyone to
prepare themselves next up is neighbors
00:04:27.620 --> 00:04:32.240
and this is the tricky one because you
know you may not like your neighbors
00:04:32.240 --> 00:04:36.290
your neighbors may not like you you know
who knows in our case we love wait we
00:04:36.290 --> 00:04:40.940
like all of our neighbors your case may
be different but in the middle of a
00:04:40.940 --> 00:04:43.669
the neighbors are the people that you're
00:04:43.669 --> 00:04:48.860
going to see every day suffering along
with you through whatever the disaster
00:04:48.860 --> 00:04:52.220
is and if they are not prepared they're
also the ones that are going to be
00:04:52.220 --> 00:04:55.910
coming and knocking on your door because
they see that you have supplies and what
00:04:55.910 --> 00:04:59.090
they don't have food and they don't have
water and you do it becomes a really
00:04:59.090 --> 00:05:04.910
difficult conversation to have of sorry
we don't have enough for you when you
00:05:04.910 --> 00:05:10.550
have stores for three weeks or six weeks
or whatever it is and you have to turn
00:05:10.550 --> 00:05:14.389
people away so the best way to avoid
that is to make sure that your neighbors
00:05:14.389 --> 00:05:18.229
are prepared - we've done this by
talking to most of our neighbors
00:05:18.229 --> 00:05:20.660
especially the ones that are right
around our house our next-door neighbors
00:05:20.660 --> 00:05:25.940
across the street and making sure that
they're aware of what the potential
00:05:25.940 --> 00:05:30.830
dangers are making sure that they have
some amount of water some amount of food
00:05:30.830 --> 00:05:35.330
some amount of supplies in case
something were to happen our neighbors
00:05:35.330 --> 00:05:39.950
we have a few people in our neighborhood
that also take emergency preparedness
00:05:39.950 --> 00:05:44.570
very seriously so we've actually started
to kind of put in some neighborhood
00:05:44.570 --> 00:05:49.070
groups together of if an emergency
happens who has communications equipment
00:05:49.070 --> 00:05:54.410
and who has medical expertise and who
has you know military training so that
00:05:54.410 --> 00:05:58.419
we have an idea of if a disaster were to
happen how could our neighborhood
00:05:58.419 --> 00:06:05.630
survive and and exceed expectations of
making it through whatever the disaster
00:06:05.630 --> 00:06:12.410
is as opposed to just kind of being a
group of suffering people who are
00:06:12.410 --> 00:06:16.400
waiting for help that may or may not
show up so educating your neighbors
00:06:16.400 --> 00:06:19.249
educating your friends educating your
family preparing
00:06:19.249 --> 00:06:23.959
family all of those are really great I
think the best options that you have for
00:06:23.959 --> 00:06:27.679
your community okay so the last thing is
to think about when you're out and about
00:06:27.679 --> 00:06:32.359
when you're not at home you're not
worried about your neighbors or your
00:06:32.359 --> 00:06:36.829
friends because you're not at your house
you want to make sure that you're
00:06:36.829 --> 00:06:40.879
prepared for the people that you travel
with so most of the time that's going to
00:06:40.879 --> 00:06:43.969
be your immediate family probably
because you're going out for the day or
00:06:43.969 --> 00:06:47.779
you're going on a vacation or something
like that but it could also be for
00:06:47.779 --> 00:06:53.029
example carpools to school if something
happens while while you're driving a
00:06:53.029 --> 00:06:57.110
carpool and you have other people's
children what do you do in that case do
00:06:57.110 --> 00:07:00.799
you have enough supplies to not only
take care of you and your kids but also
00:07:00.799 --> 00:07:05.419
the kids that are in your care or if you
carpool to work do you have enough
00:07:05.419 --> 00:07:09.709
supplies for the people that would be in
your carpool so the easiest way to kind
00:07:09.709 --> 00:07:13.039
of think about this is if you have five
seats in your car make sure you have
00:07:13.039 --> 00:07:17.359
some bare minimum supplies that could
sustain five people for some amount of
00:07:17.359 --> 00:07:20.899
time if you have seven seats in your car
make sure you have enough for seven
00:07:20.899 --> 00:07:23.719
you're likely not gonna have eight
because you don't have seatbelts and
00:07:23.719 --> 00:07:27.499
that's illegal but you know make sure
that you have enough supplies for the
00:07:27.499 --> 00:07:31.309
number of people who could be in your
car if you have supplies for seven and
00:07:31.309 --> 00:07:35.089
you only have three people in your car
well great you have extra supplies and
00:07:35.089 --> 00:07:39.019
that you're going to be even better off
but if you have seven people in your car
00:07:39.019 --> 00:07:43.129
and you only have supplies for three now
you have you know hunger games on the
00:07:43.129 --> 00:07:47.139
freeway with people that you know and
it's just a it's an awkward awkward
00:07:47.139 --> 00:07:51.229
situation to be in which I would not
recommend especially when you can plan
00:07:51.229 --> 00:07:56.389
ahead so I would say the most important
thing make sure you have enough supplies
00:07:56.389 --> 00:08:00.019
for everyone who could be in your car
and then you'll either have extra or
00:08:00.019 --> 00:08:04.879
you'll have just enough but don't plan
to have fewer because that's just not a
00:08:04.879 --> 00:08:08.749
great thing okay so that is gonna wrap
it up for this video talking about who
00:08:08.749 --> 00:08:14.119
to prepare for this is really about
numbers it's not necessarily like I said
00:08:14.119 --> 00:08:18.289
it's not about zombies invading and
preparing for them or or aliens coming
00:08:18.289 --> 00:08:21.860
and you know making sure we have enough
tinfoil hats for everyone this is really
00:08:21.860 --> 00:08:27.279
about how many people are you preparing
to support through your emergency plans
00:08:27.279 --> 00:08:31.969
and thinking about who's going to be at
your home base who's going to be
00:08:31.969 --> 00:08:35.120
in your community that you need to
support somehow and then what is your
00:08:35.120 --> 00:08:38.750
plan for when you're out and about that
should take care of most of the
00:08:38.750 --> 00:08:42.680
scenarios and give you idea when you're
thinking then about what are you
00:08:42.680 --> 00:08:46.670
preparing for now you know how many
people to prepare for and then as we go
00:08:46.670 --> 00:08:50.629
through the series thinking about how
that relates to every area of
00:08:50.629 --> 00:08:55.250
preparedness you start to get an idea of
the scale and scope of what you want to
00:08:55.250 --> 00:08:59.480
be thinking about and how you want to be
planning what plans are relevant to you
00:08:59.480 --> 00:09:02.689
do you have a carpool maybe you don't if
you don't then you don't even worry
00:09:02.689 --> 00:09:07.310
about it do you live close to family if
you do you will probably want to take
00:09:07.310 --> 00:09:11.180
that into account if you don't live
close to family then you may not need to
00:09:11.180 --> 00:09:17.180
account for them at all what you don't
want to do though is plan for you know
00:09:17.180 --> 00:09:22.250
two people and realize really quickly in
a disaster that you needed a plan for
00:09:22.250 --> 00:09:28.939
six or to plan for six and realize that
you needed a plan for 22 you really want
00:09:28.939 --> 00:09:34.790
to have an idea you know what that is
and then get an idea of what that base
00:09:34.790 --> 00:09:38.389
level supports kind of look like for
that many people how you're gonna come
00:09:38.389 --> 00:09:42.889
together as a team so that's today's
video talking about who you want to
00:09:42.889 --> 00:09:47.269
prepare for getting those priorities in
place so that you've got enough supplies
00:09:47.269 --> 00:09:52.699
for everybody thanks again for watching
I hope you enjoyed it in the comments
00:09:52.699 --> 00:09:56.569
below let us know how many people you're
preparing for you know what's the
00:09:56.569 --> 00:09:59.360
smallest group that we've got looking at
and what's the biggest group let's see
00:09:59.360 --> 00:10:03.889
if we can kind of figure that out and be
kind of fun again like subscribe share
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give it a thumbs up
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that was exciting so I appreciate all
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keep pushing to higher and higher so
tell your friends share with your family
00:10:21.709 --> 00:10:27.490
and we'll see you next week that's gonna
do it thanks a lot

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